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Its very Simple just signup with us and once our dedicated Account managers verified your details, login to the Dashboard and choose the relevant campaigns that will engage your audience.

Cost Per Action or Pay Per Action, where the advertiser pays for each specified action - for example, an impression, click, form submission.

Cost per Click (CPC) is a form of CPA (Cost per Action) refers to amount generated with every click. Cost per click is generally used for email marketing, display, contextual and more.

The “cost per thousand advertising impressions” refers to the cost for a thousand of impressions.

“Cost per Lead” refers to the amount generated with every single registration (forms filled).

Our minimum Payout is 1000 INR

Ya sure if you have good resources as well as traffic then you can work on many offers at a time.

You can promote on Social media/Websites/Email marketing/Banners. You can use any Media for promotion but for some limited campaigns Social media may be Banned, so before picking any offer carefully read its Terms & conditions.

You will be paid after 45 days, we will send you the final validation report after removing all the invalid Leads/clicks. You will receive your final payment directly in your account through Net Banking.